Thai Wildfire

Yesterday, I went to the forest to see wildfire. It occurs every years between Jan- March. I live in Lampang and my eye is acrid by smoke.


Figure 1 Wildfire in Lampang forest.

You can see wildfile from far away such Pichai subdistrict. I went to Mon-Phrayachae to see it.

I found a man who living with forest more than 30 years. He said there is  natural way of wildfire that you have to accept. Because leaf from tree will increase every year. And if it is not fired, the layer of leaf will be thicker than normal level. It will be violently thing if fire occur and with long period of time due to thick layer of leaf. This will destroy the tree root make them die event if it is big tree or not. But if wildfire occur by natural way every year, it is not longer each area. The tree will not affected. I agree with him because this is true and he have experience in forest for long time.



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