Use Excel as SCADA


You can use Excel to be SCADA buy using COPC32 ActiveX control to read and write data to OPC Server.

Download Excel SCADA example file here

First sheet shows real-time trend and gauge displaying data from OPC server.


Second and third sheet shows graphic animation and parameters.



4th sheet shows raw data from OPC server.



How to use example file

1. You need to install COPC32 before (Download COPC32 Demo here ).

2. Open example file (COPC32DEMO.xlsm). If it is security warning, click enable content.


For Office 2007, In the Security Warning bar,
click the Option button to Enable this content.


In the Security Warning bar,
select Options button > Enable this content > OK


3. At sheet “Main”, get in to design mode by click on  “Design Mode” icon on Developer tab.


Then right-click on “COPC32” control to select OPC server and OPC tags (in this example use 3 tags).


Specify desired OPC Server on “OPCc_Server” tab and desired OPC tags in “OPC_Tag” tab. In this example, we use 3 tags.



4. Exit “Design Mode” then click “Connect” button on sheet “Main” to start working (you can also programming to automatically start).

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